When phoning around for quotes for your servicing or timing belt, does the price quoted include everything you need or just the minimum they can get away with?
Bear in mind that we use genuine manufacturer recommended parts. Study our prices carefully to see what’s included before comparing us.

Small Petrol Engines ServicingMedium Petrol Engines Servicing

Diesel Engines ServicingCommercial Vehicles Servicing

We Replace

  • Engine Oil and Filter (Additional charge of €25 for fully synthetic 5W30 Oil for Vehicles with DPF Filter)
  • Air Filter (Full Service only)
  • Pollen Filter (Full Service only)
  • Fuel Filter (Full Diesel Service only)
  • Spark Plugs (Full Petrol Service only) (Long-life Spark Plugs – Additional Charge €40)
  • Brake Fluid change (every 2 years) -additional €40
  • Complete Diagnostic Check with every full service
  • Engine Diagnostic Check with minor service

We Visually Inspect

  • Lights and Bulbs
  • Tyre Thread Depths
  • Brake Pads and Discs
  • Suspensions and Steering
  • Engine and cooling System
  • Gearbox
  • Exhaust
  • Windscreen Wipers and Washer system

We Top Up

  • Brake Fluid Level
  • Coolant Level
  • Power Steering Fluid Level
  • Windscreen Washer Fluid
  • Check Tyre Pressures and adjust accordingly

Service book stamped and service indicator reset.